Policies of Chaomama

• Our hotel open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Check-in time is 15.00,chek-out time is 12.00.
• If you plan to check-in from 06.00 until 12.00 or check-out before 18.00 you must pay an additional cost (half of full price).If you plan to check-in before 06.00 and check-out after 18.00 you must pay an additional cost (full price of one day).
• You can  check-in if you have a passport or substituting document, birth certificate for guests under 14 years of age.
• Every foreign visitor at the time of arrival is obliged to provide all the necessary documents for registration.
• Guests can invite friends to the hotel from 09.00  to 23.00.
• We ask our guests to make the payment for the entire stay at the time of arrival.
Do not disturb other guests in the period from 23.00 to 09.00. We are not responsible for the safety of cash or valuables left unattended in public areas, including your room. All the valuable things can be left in a safe.
• For groups, we ask tour leaders to make a deposit of 10,000 rubles to ensure the safety of the property of the hotel. When checking out a group of the hotel deposit will be returned.
• Guests staying in multi-bed rooms make a deposit of 500 rubles to get the key from the individual box. When leaving the hotel deposit will be returned.
• Please take care of the property and equipment of the hotel. In case of loss or damage to the property of Chao mama, guest is obliged to compensate the cost.
• Drinking alcohol on site is prohibited .
  For safety reasons,please do not use non-electric heaters (kettles, boilers, etc.).
• Do not store flammable materials, explosives and perishables.
• Children under 7 years are free of charge!
• Pets are not allowed.
• Bed linen is included in the hotel price, sheets are changed on the fourth day of stay, or on request for an additional fee.
• Full  cleaning of the room every day.
• Towels, slippers, toothbrushes and other personal hygiene items you can purchase at the reception.